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We would like to invite you to join us as a supporter and sponsor of and the CGW Wedding Guide. Since our start-up in February 2015, we have grown to an online subscriber base with over 1,800 users, and reached thousands of people in the LGBT community through our outreach efforts and printed guides.

As a wedding officiant, I have booked 10+ same-sex weddings just in the last 90 days--a huge increase as full wedding planning for same-sex couples "catches up." Same-sex weddings account for 18% of my overall bookings for the next 12 months. Also, it is interesting to note that unlike opposite sex couples over half came to me without a venue or other vendors in place. In these cases booking an officiant first was important, and direction to you as CGW Vendors is a huge value-add for them. 

Additionally, of those same-sex couples (75%) that booked me via this website, all of them chose their vendors largely from partners listed here. The affirmative, welcoming pledge our vendors make is important.

Here is an example of why CGW is relevant:

Since we began, there has been no men's formalwear vendor that has been willing to sign-up. I've had three male couples           concerned about going together to pick out tuxedoes and sending their LGBT wedding parties. (One couple, for example, was wary because of negative past experiences shopping together in retail stores.) Sadly, I do not have a referral for them. Happily, for women's bridal and every other category I do. Our listings matter and for those that have experienced discrimination (passive or aggressive) knowing that you will be welcomed is a feeling that every couple should enjoy when planning their wedding.

We did experience a low booking period as many same-sex couples who desired to be married did so during the sporadic "gaps" in legislation prior to the SCOTUS decision. Now is the time to continue your support as new couples seek to marry under the freedom granted by Obergefell v. Hodges. Also, as our online listings and print guides continue to reach larger audiences and become a greater community resource, I know you will benefit from continuing to support our message of inclusivity and acceptance.

I have heard from many of our sponsors about their success stories, and each time I put a printed guide into the hands of a same-sex couple their reaction is always one of joy. I can't express enough how important your support is to them, and although marriage equality has passed, discrimination remains. 

To date we have virtually every category in wedding planning represented in Greater Cincinnati. Our efforts have been difficult in some, and we still work to create relationships within the community to foster understanding where reticence remains.

Your support will help keep the CGW Wedding Guide and going strong.

Our print guide is expanding this Spring, with more feature stories, more distribution points, and display racks at many locations. We use every dollar and then some to continue in our passion to represent you as strong supporters of the LGBT community.

I wish I could say our work is over, but we know it's not. We have seen discrimination and tragedy against the LGBT community this past year like never before. We need you, and we hope you'll join us ..

We work to keep your cost down and value up, and we know that not all price points fit all businesses. So we are offering several listing levels, and commitment discounts to better serve you. A Partner Sponsor 2-year listings is offered at a substantial savings. The value for CGW and the same-sex couples we serve is in your commitment and continuity of support, and so our offer in return is a 50% savings off of regular listing rates.

Please choose your listing option below (pay in full -or- pay in 5 installments at no additional charge), and thanks again for your love and support!


Scott DeMarco,


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