This website and its content is driven by Trumidio, Inc. ©

This website and its content is driven by Trumidio, Inc. ©


We support gay marriage...

Founded in January 2015 by Rev. Scott DeMarco, and Trumidio Inc. wished to provide a vehicle for individuals, businesses, and organizations in the Greater Cincinnati area to take a stand of support for the right to celebrate the love and commitment that the LGBT community seeks through marriage.

It is not our intention to take political action, but it is our goal to make wedding planning both joyful and non-discriminatory. We have seen gay men and women turned away from wedding officiants, venues, florists and other vendors simply because they are a same-sex couple. While the reasoning behind their decision to deny services may be politically and socially relevant, it is not our intent to "call out" these non-supporting businesses and individuals. 

We also realize that as emerging court decisions remain questionable, it is time to ask for a pledge of support before it's "good for business." None of us have the time nor the desire to be at odds with businesses who choose to turn away our dollars, but we welcome those that will gratefully and professionally help us plan and book our wedding needs without hesitation.

We will do our very best to take care of our community by:

  • Providing a clear and unquestionable pledge of support for those seeking products and services for their wedding.
  • Doing due diligence to "vet" our paid subscribers through in-person meetings or direct contact.
  • Sponsor educative services for those businesses who do not support the gay right to marry in the hopes that we may find common ground and expand the scope of inclusivity in our community.
  • Sponsor local events for engaged couples who feel safe and secure when shopping for wedding venues, products and services in Greater Cincinnati.